Viking Jewelry

Modern day Rune Pendant
Rune Pendant

Viking Jewelry Introduction

People wear Viking jewelry for many different reasons. Some people who buy this Norse jewelry feel it helps them connect to their Scandinavian heritage. Others feel a connection to the ancient Norse people. This may be due to the Vikings famed sense of adventure, their courage, determination in battle, or their connection with magical powers and the afterworld. Norse jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and pendants often include letters of the Viking alphabet called runes, which are believed to have great magical powers. This jewelry is usually made out of gold, silver, sterling silver, or pewter.

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Types of Viking Jewelry

There are many different types of Viking Jewelry. Below we have listed some of the more popular types.

Thor Jewelry

The most popular god found on ancient Viking jewelry and todays jewelry is Thor. He is the son of the chief god Odin and is famed for his determination in battle. He is also known for his battle hammer, Mjolnir, which is represented on many modern day and ancient Viking jewelry pieces. Many people who wear Thors hammer jewelry hope to gain strength and determination.

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Jormungandr Viking Jewelry

Also popular on Viking jewelry is the serpent Jormungandr. The main Viking god Odin threw Jormungandr into the ocean where the serpent grew larger. Eventually it grew so large it circled the world lying on the bottom of the ocean with its tail in its mouth. Legend has it the world will come to an end when Jormungandr releases his tail. This jewelry is usually in the form of a serpent with its tail in its mouth.

Viking Rune Jewelry

People who wear rune jewelry find it to be a great way to reinforce that which is important to them or has deep meaning to them. For example some runes represent good fortune and prosperity. Others are supposed to help the wearer find good health and strength. Other runes help find creativity. There are also rune jewelry pieces for the purpose of finding a lover or partner, self confidence, and for creating opportunities.

Helm of Awe Jewelry

One of the most popular pieces of Viking jewelry for sale is the Helm of Awe which is derived from runic letters. The Vikings believed this magical symbol would keep harm and evil from them. The Viking berserkers (from which the English word berserk is derived) wore this symbol between their eyes when going into battle. It was believed they did this to frighten their enemies and to feel invincible.

Viking Triple Horn Jewelry

The interlocking triple horn emblem represents the Norse god Odin who was the father of the Norse gods. This jewelry is commonly worn to show ones commitment to the Asatru faith. The horns are mentioned in the Norse eddas.

Valknut Jewelry

Valknut (also known as Odin's knot) is a symbol with three interlocked triangles. For those of the Asatru faith the Valknut is a symbol of commitment to Odin. This symbol has been found on numerous Viking artifacts in connection to Odin.