Viking warriors landing on beach.
Viking warriors

Introduction -Vikings

The purpose of this site is to provide interesting information on all aspects of the ancient Norse people known as the Vikings. This site was written in such a style that both kids and adults will enjoy. You will find information on how these medieval Norsemen became the most successful warriors and explorers of the Middle Ages. There are many pages listing facts that cover such topics as Viking history, exploration, mythology, weapons, famous Vikings, gods, goddesses, the ancient Norse alphabet consisting of Runes, Runestones, and much more.

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Viking Facts Found on this Website

Facts about Who the Ancient Vikings Were

The ancient Vikings were amazing medieval people. They were expert sailors, explorers, and fierce warriors. For nearly three hundred years, during the Middle Ages, they terrorized large parts of Europe, sacking and burning costal towns with swift raids from their famed long boats. However they were much more than savage brutes. Below we have listed some facts about these people that may help you understand them a little better.

Conclusion - Viking Facts

We will be periodically adding new pages to this site so please check in from time to time to learn more about the ancient Norse people. Please read the other pages of this site to discover more about the amazing ancient Vikings.