Norse Gods and Goddesses

Viking God Loki
Norse God Loki

Norse Gods and Goddesses Introduction

Norse Gods and Goddesses were clearly more than mere humans however they had many human qualities. The Vikings believed that like humans they experience love, pain, intrigue, and death.

Norse Gods and Goddesses are separated into two groups (see the list of Norse gods and goddesses below). The two groups that make up the Norse pantheon are the Vanir and the Aesir. Sometimes the Aesir Norse goddesses are referred to as Asynjur not Aesir. Norse mythology tells of a great war (the Aesir-Vanir war) that occurred between the two groups and how this resulted in the unification of the two groups. There is very little medieval literature about this mythological war leaving much open to debate and speculation.

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Below is a list of Norse gods and goddesses with information on who each one was and how they fit into the Norse pantheon.

List of Norse gods and goddesses:

Aesir Gods and Goddesses List

Vanir Gods and Goddesses List